ELS offers online licensing for small quantities

ELS Packaging Ticket easily and secure online

The 7th Amendment of the Packaging Ordinance in 2014 proved it: All distributors and retailers must – as well as the dual systems – contribute permanently to stabilize the privately organized recycling of packaging. This also applies to manufacturers, distributors and importers who bring only small amounts of packaging in the market such as online retailers. The 7th Amendment explicitly recalls that also cartons, packaging films online-shops etc. are subject to licensing.

With the ELS Verpackungsticket® ELS now offers the opportunity to legally license also small packaging quantities. „Via our online portal www.els-systeme.de/verpackungsticket.html market participants enter their quantities, immediately receive an attractive price and may conclude the contract immediately online“, says Managing Director Sascha Schuh. „ELS takes over the packaging licensing obligations of small packaging quantities simply, quickly, inexpensively and legally compliant.“

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