Bonn company ASCON is turned into a holding company

Customers benefit from strong synergy effects

ASCON Gesellschaft für Abfall und Sekundärrohstoff Consulting mbH, ELS Europäische LizenzierungsSysteme GmbH and its Informationszentrum Umwelt, Abfall und Recycling information and training centre, SORTcycle SEKUNDÄRROHSTOFFINVESTMENT Altkunststoff I and EUPVcycle are being consolidated under one new umbrella company: ASCON Resource Management Holding GmbH.

ASCON has been successfully active in the national and international consultancy business for more than twelve years, and also operates three own take-back systems for pharmaceuticals, automotive workshops and agricultural operations. Its market and industry expertise as well as numerous customer suggestions regarding this aspect inspired the establishment of ELS in 2008 – which offers customers the packaging licensing method that is best for them and internal industry solutions in accordance with the German Packaging Ordinance. The Informationszentrum Umwelt, Abfall und Recycling information and training centre organises top level specialist conferences and supplies lecturers for national and international events. The company SORTcycle offers the opportunity of participating in investments in secondary materials; EUPVcycle organises material flows and the efficient recycling of pure and mixed PVC waste in Germany, Italy and Spain.

"Our strategic goal is the comprehensive management of material flows. We no longer want to offer our customers merely parts of a kit but a sustainable overall concept for the collection, sorting and recycling of recyclables – in short, a full service," says Managing Director Sascha Schuh. "We are a medium-sized enterprise with a full service concept and offer flexible, individual solutions. The next logical step in the development of our business was to strategically unite the companies under a holding company to sensibly support the individual areas of business and to utilise the synergies."

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