ELS Austria also offers online licensing for small volumes

ELS Verpackungsticket® can be purchased easily and securely online

The Austrian Packaging Ordinance clearly states: All producers must make a contribution to the sustainable disposal of their packaging. This also applies to manufacturers, distributors and importers that introduce only small volumes of packaging to the market such as, for example, online retailers.

With the ELS Verpackungsticket®, ELS Austria now offers a way to license even small volumes of packaging in a way that complies with the law. Manufacturers and distributors can now license their packaging easily, without a minimum volume or a fixed term contract, at https://www.els-verpackungsticket.at. With prices starting at nine euros for small volumes up to an upper limit of 1,000 euros, the ELS Austria online shop makes it easy for customers to meet their obligations resulting from the Packaging Ordinance, which ELS Austria then undertakes for them in a legally compliant way.

"Producers enter their volumes via our online portal https://www.els-verpackungsticket.at, are instantly quoted an attractive price and can immediately complete the contract online," explains Managing Director DI Eva Koller. "Our ELS Verpackungsticket® is the quick, easy and affordable way for our customers to obtain a licence for the packaging material they introduce to the Austrian market. By the way, this also applies to international companies that sell their products in Austria."

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