From waste management to resource management

Germany is a densely populated developed country without any significant local raw material sources. It is therefore particularly dependent on the reliable availability of resources. The conservation, sparing use and recycling of finite raw materials play an increasingly important role in this respect that is of equal concern to industry and society.

This situation has given rise to the need for a waste and secondary raw materials management system that is guided by sustainability criteria. The collection, sorting and recycling of recyclable materials to turn them into new, different materials or to generate energy not only has an important ecological function but also an economic one, as secondary raw materials now make a significant contribution to supplying our economy with the raw materials it needs. The establishment of a functioning circular economy and the move away from our throw-away society towards a society that uses its resources truly efficiently is one of our central future tasks. Strategic material flow management is the tool that must be applied in order to use resources efficiently, to recycle secondary raw materials and, in the long term, to establish a functioning circular economy.

This is Bonn-based ASCON Resource Management Holding GmbH’s area of expertise. Established in 2000 as ASCON GmbH, we are now a strong group of companies that manages to perfectly balance the economic and ecological aspects of environmental and waste management. All of our business activities are guided by the concept of EPR (“Extended Producer Responsibility”) and the aim of a circular economy. We manage material flows in a sustainable and innovative way, nationally and internationally – always with the goal of a functioning circular economy that benefits our customers and conserves our natural resources. The strategic further development of our holding company proves that we are on the right course with our business activities and our visions of the future: We won Mountain Cleantech S. à r. l., represented by Jadeberg Partners AG, as a financial investor, intend to expand our market position with this partnership and will now forge ahead with the development of new business areas all over the world.